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These are some demos of my vocal talents while playing guitar on my Takemine Eg440cs.

“Change The World”

“Come Together”


“Under The Bridge”

“Ventura Highway”


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Here’s a recording of me playing upright bass in a jazz trio setting.  This recording features John Smart on piano and Kirk Duplantis on drum set.

Here’s a live video of Ben Joseph & the Lay Lows, an original band in which I was and am a long-standing member.

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Here are some select recordings from the Wounded Warriors Benefit on March 3rd, 2013 from Ben Joseph & the Lay Lows at the Blues Tavern in Mobile, AL. There were some other fantastic bands playing there such as the Steve Varnes & the Lizards, Mother Mojo, the Harrison McInnis Trio, Mud bucket, Johnny No, and T.McNab Band.

Get out there and support our troops!

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Cover band Louisiana Brew’s at Lil’ Sisters in Harahan, LA..  Guitar/lead vocal is Lenny Labit, bass/backing vocals is Chad Mundt, drums is Eddie Mahne.

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Louisiana Brew‘s demo.

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Alan Bailey’s Jazzacadabra

Here are 14 free jazz vocal tracks for you guys to check out.  I played all tracks on my Ken Smith BSRMW5j.

Leigh Harlow – vocals Andy Bower – sax Chad Everett Mundt – electric bass Joe Boucha – drums

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I snagged these clips while playing my Ken Smith BSRJ5-mw.  The parametric mid EQ was essential in dialing in a tone in this concrete room.  This was also the first gig that I ran my compressor through the send/return of my amp instead of in front of the preamp.  The Markbass blends the return 50/50 with the original signal, which I find convenient.  I think it gave me an more transparently compressed sound, so much so that even a trained ear may not be able to tell that there is compression on the tone.  I retained a lot of dynamics while being present in a live, reverbating room.

pianist/songwriter: Alan Bailey

drummer: Joseph Boucha

tenor saxophone: Andy Bower

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This is a video of me playing “Time, Time, Time” with the “Geb Rault Band”.

Thanks to Casey Burka for allowing me to use this video!

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This is a jazz trio selection. I play an electric bass solo is at 2:45.